1. The right of all workers, without any distinction whatsoever, to establish and to join organisations of their own choosing without previous authorisation

2. The right of trade unions, without any interference from the public authorities, to draw up their own constitutions and rules, to elect their representatives in full freedom, to organise their administration and activities and to formulate their programmes

3. The right of trade unions to establish and join federations and confederations and the right for any such organisation to affiliate with international trade union organisations

4. Protection for trade unions against dissolution or suspension by administrative action

5. The right to inviolability of trade union premises, of correspondence and telephone conversations

6. Protection for workers against acts of anti-union discrimination in respect of their employment

7. Protection for trade unions against any acts of interference in their establishment, functioning or administration by employers

8. The right to protection of trade union funds and assets against intervention by the public authorities

9. The right of trade unions to bargain collectively on the regulation of terms and conditions of employment and all other matters affecting the livelihood of their members

10. The right of trade unions to exercise their activities in the enterprise and other workplace

11. The right of participation of trade unions in enterprises and in the economy in general

12. Protection for trade union representatives against detention and arrest for activities connected with the exercise of their trade union rights

13. The right of workers and their trade unions to strike, as an essential means for promotion and defence of their economic and social interests

14. The right to workers’ education and further training

15. The right of trade unions to have access to the mass media