Esti Nuringdyah, is currently working for the Alliance of Independent Journalist as Trade Union Program Officer, which based in Jakarta- Indonesia. Interest in human rights, economic development, development field, journalism, art, advocacy, and organizational development. Previously worked as executive secretary for Indonesian Legal Aid and Human Rights Association-Central Java Region. And here they are, things that sometimes across my mind….


14 Responses to “Me, Myself, and I”

  1. anggara Says:


  2. soulofdistortion Says:

    Anggara fotonya palsu nih

  3. handaru Says:

    Es…itu anggara …jaman katro

  4. bryant Says:

    hi. Is this esti from the Project Management Workshop in Pattaya, Thailand recently?

    Bryant Macale

  5. soulofdistortion Says:

    Hello Bryant, nice to hear your news. Does everythings well there?. And how are you now?

  6. bryant Says:

    hi Esti. How are you? I’m fine. How’s your trip back to Jakarta?

  7. soulofdistortion Says:

    Im fine also. Sorry for not saying goodbye,its such a rush morning!. Please send my regard to Lara and Baby.

  8. bryant Says:

    No problem. Too bad we did not have a chance to go out for the last time. Sigh. Will say your regards to Lara and Baby.

  9. anggara Says:

    sebentar lagi biodatanya berubah tuh, jadi Esti Nuringdyah, Koordinator Advokasi PBHI :mrgreen:

  10. soulofdistortion Says:

    Wah…bocor deh Angga. Thanks anyway Ngga 🙂

  11. anggara Says:

    koq belum ganti biodatanya ?

  12. soulofdistortion Says:

    hayoooo…ngeblog mulu *nunjuk nunjuk pake kelingking* mode on

  13. totokyuliyanto Says:

    Mba esty… nama anakmu siapa???

  14. titah Says:

    mbak, saya tadi coba meninggalkan komentar di salah satu artikel kok nggak bisa kenapa ya? hanya menampilan halaman kosong dengan tulisan kecil “discarded”. 😦

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